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New K-Series PonyCycles In Stock Now

Michael Vikas

The new PonyCycles are finally here.  They come with upgraded design, light-up wheels when riding, and additional accessories (special patterns for the unicorn).  As these ponies are made with better material and designs, they are higher in price in comparison to our regular models.  These K-Series ponies will all have names starting with "K" and we would be glad if you can give us some suggestions on Facebook @ponycyclestorecom Below are some of the additional features that are different from the regular models. Features: Light-up wheels when riding Upgraded design and smooth riding experience. Gorgeous appearance, and made of the...

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Benefits of PonyCycle for Children

Vikas S.

Children from age 3-7 spends lot more time on screens and games than ever.  And parents need their children to be more active to prevent obesity and Diabetes.  According to CNN: They found a continuous upward trend of obesity since 1999, with significant increases among young children, 2 to 5, and teen girls, 16 to 19, from 2015 to 2016, compared with previous years. "This study is important because it reminds us that obesity in children is not going away," Skinner said, adding that there are two reasons why these new findings appear to contradict previous reports. In the US, the percentage of...

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